« Exuberant or serene, joyous or intimate, his guitar is always pure emotion. »
Samy Strasunas « Printemps de la Guitare »

« A first class guitarist, who captures our attention through his programme choices as well as his virtuoso performances. »
Ilse & Nicolas Alfonso
« Exceptional technical aptitudes, always devoted to the musical thought, make him such a wonderful performer. »
Alexandre Lagoya
« Hugues Navez is not only an exceptionally talented guitarist with a wide and imaginative repertoire, but also a performer with a warm personality who never fails to make contact with his audience - important criteria for Sir Yehudi Menuhin's Fondation »
Valerie Jacob, Director Menuhin Fondation Belgium
« Well deserved standing ovation for Hugues Navez. We listened to him, with bated breath, in a religious silence. »
« Schilders Nieuwsblad » (The Netherlands)
« Hugues Navez already possesses all the qualities we are delighted to find in such a young artist : accuracy, high purity of sound and above all particularly contrasting sonorities. »
Yves Hucher « Nice Matin » (France)
« Hugues Navez loves his guitar. The seeing and hearing is all. »
Amal Choucri « Le Journal d'Egypte » (Egypt)
« Hugues Navez shows sensibility and restraint, a keen sense of phrasing and a subtle colour pallet. »
Paule Tran « La Libre Belgique »

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